PRE-Release REVIEW: NEBELHAUS – DING DONG SONG (Günther Cover) (2021)

Ridiculous pink elephant on the cover, vaguely familiar song title… Wait! This is second official Nebelhaus single “Ding Dong Song” is going to be released this Friday! If the song title itself means nothing to you, then you will surely recognize it by the first line: “uh, you touch my tra la la…”. Yeah, Nebelhaus made a cover of Swedish singer Günther. The original song was released in 2004 on his debut album and based on a 1984 Dutch hit called “Tralala” by Phil & Company. “Ding Dong song” is some parody of Eurodane genres, which were very popular in 90s, especially in Germany. And Nebelhaus version retains the mood of the original track, adding the signature NDH-sound to this hit. Some of you may ask why was this song chosen to make a coverversion? The thing is that some time ago someone on Youtube put the original “Ding Dong Song” by Günther over live performance video of Lindemann. Since that people were interested in how it could sound in Industrial/NDH-style, and guys from Nebelhaus have just made it! And it sounds even funnier than the original one! I promise you won’t be disappointed. By the way, all production work this time was made by Nebelhaus themselves. It is 100% fun or party song, call it whatever you want, but it will cheers you up every time you would listen it to. Right now Tim Nightpain works on visualiser or lyric video, so don’t “touch your tra la la” till October the 1st.

Author: Irgend Jemand, specially for the NDH FM Online



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